When you have the essence of soul-filled selling in you, it is available to you to be used in all forms of selling communication within your business. Huge YAY!

This includes creating offers one to many:

– whether that’s in a teleclass
– a live speaking engagement
– AND it’s also available to you in online communication, otherwise known typically as an online sales page.

Now, what are we talking about when we talk about a “sales page”?

A sales page is one page on the Internet and it leads someone through a process as they scroll down that page, leading them to the opportunity to step forward into your offer. An online sales page invites your ideal client to make a purchase of your product, program or seminar.

Here is your 11-Step System for creating an online sales page that sells and is infused with heart and soul!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Attention-Getting Headline

This is first and foremost when creating a sales page.

Your headline is often presented in a larger font, bold, and of a color that really stands out so that it grabs the reader’s attention right from the beginning. It helps them to be able to stay on the page.

Step 2: Your Greeting

Begin to Build Suspense … Keep Them Reading!

It’s your headline that hooks your reader, but then you must lead them through your key points to the end of the sales page. You do this by building suspense. The secret lies in the bridge phrases.

Connector phrases keep your ideal client on your sales page and reading on. In reality, we use these connector phrases in real conversation. And good copy mimics the way people really talk… to keep the person’s attention and arouse curiosity.

Step 3: Activate Your Ideal Client’s Gap

This is where you begin to pose the problem that your ideal client is experiencing.

The key to activating the gap on a sales page is that you begin to speak to the gap through your success story.

Step 4: Activate Your Ideal Client’s Gap Further Using Examples

Our Hint: Remember that your success story is the story about how you have traveled through or are traveling through the gap that you’ve had that relates to the gap of your ideal client.

Step 5: Begin to Build The Bridge By Offering YOUR Solution

Be sure to include testimonials. Your reader will find it easier to believe the endorsement of a fellow purchaser. Let testimonials take up at least 25% of your copy space. The stories of others can achieve tons more than your explanations. They’re the most effective way to support your claims with actual proof.

Step 6: Create Vivid Word Pictures that Have the Reader FEELING

Really allow your reader to see, taste, sense and be drawn in.

Our Hint: Marketing copy is not the place to tell your reader how you will do what you’ll do. It is the place to emphasize why what you do is important to them.

Remember your sales page should always geared toward the readers’ benefits, and what they will get out of working with you.

Step 7: Call-To-Action (what do you want them to do?)

Be very clear about what you’re inviting them into.

You want to describe exactly what it is.

Tell the reader HOW to act now.

Urge the reader to take action.

And keep that action to one simple step (i.e., click here, hit ‘Reply’, call me).

Step 8: Make Your Offer Irresistible

Use one to two paragraphs to emphasize that your offer is time sensitive, for a limited time or if there are special bonuses for fast action

Step 9: Your Closing and Signature

As you close out your sales page, return back to your intention to creating this page. Let your ideal client know why you’re giving them this offer and what you intend for them to receive.

Then sign off with a signature.

Step 10: P.S. Emphasize Your Offer

Your P.S. on your sales pages gives an additional thought and then instructions and an opportunity to click and buy one more time.

Step 11: P.P.S. Remind people what they need to do to take action

Again keep it to one simple step.

Have fun getting your offer out there!

Your Call To Action 1. To turn prospects into clients, you’ll need some marketing materials that REALLY SPEAK to them. Start to get clear on what really speaks to your ideal client by answering the following questions:

A. HOW are you proving that you can support what you are offering?

B. WHAT are you offering, promising, guaranteeing?

C. HOW can you position yourself as a problem solver?

D. WHAT specific marketing materials will SPEAK to your ideal client (Hint: They must also speak to you!)?

E. HOW are you going to reach your audience with this information? (Advertisements, direct mail, mail with follow-up call, etc.)

And it’s how I’ve brought my spiritual business coaching company through quantum leap after quantum leap including to the squeaky clean edge of $ 1 million in just 12 months with what I’ve discovered.

Heather Dominick is the creator of the EnergyRICH(r) Entrepreneur Success System and EnergyRICHcoach.com, a company devoted to teaching coaches, healing practitioners and creative entrepreneurs how to partner Universal Energetic Principles to make more money in your business so you can better serve the world. Get started with your free EnergyRICH® Success CD: http://www.energyrichcoach.com

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Your 11-Step System for Creating an Online Sales Page That Sells And Is Infused With Heart and Soul!



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