There are a multitude of direct sales companies out there. You most likely see advertisements for these companies every day. Just think of how many ads you’ve seen offering to help you lose weight or make money in a home based business.

While many of these offers sound great, it can be difficult to decide which the best one to get involved with is. Looking into how the direct sales companies permit associates to market, especially with regard to the use of the internet is important, particularly so if you’d like to use the web to do business.

Not so long ago nearly every direct sales company had a website which told you about their business and how you could get online. In the last decade, this has changed quite a bit. Not every direct sales company deals with online marketing in the same way. Some companies prohibit their associates from doing business online.

While most direct sales are done face to face between two people, most often at a demonstration party or other such event, many don’t want to wait for the next scheduled party to buy the product. These people will then turn to the web in search of the product. If the company has a website, the consumer will usually be able to purchase the product right away. If they want to build a further relationship with the company however, they will often want to also get in touch with an associate or consultant locally.

So how is one to find the online sales rules for any given direct sales company? You can simply ask, but not every company is so open about their business practices. You can get additional information via their website, but you can expect to be asked to sign on with the company if you do this.

If it is an option, have a thorough look through all of the company’s literature before joining. You will need to know the compensation model, what support is offered by the company and what sort of online marketing you will be permitted too engage in. If they won’t furnish this information, thank them politely but let them know that you are not interested and would prefer that they no longer contact you.

If the direct sales company you are considering does permit you to market online, do more than use the website which they will set you up with. You can make your own site with your own domain name which can link back to the parent company website. A personal site will make it easier for you to serve your clients and potential team members.

If you’re thinking about getting into a direct sales company, ask lots of questions; particularly about their rules regarding doing business online. If they are unhelpful or don’t permit this, look for a company which values your success, not just their own.

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